I know you are love.

Whatever it may look like, in any moment, I know you are love.

Everything that contradicts this truth is just a holding on to the lie, that you are something else.

You are love.

You are loved.

All that you really want to do is expressing this truth.

You can fight it and do all kinds of things. It is a game that you can play however long you want to.

But it remains a play and it remains unsatisfying, because inside you already know, that you are lying to yourself.

Here is the truth: You are love. You are joy. You are beauty. You are appreciation.

Maybe you put on a mask, which looks like fear and everything that comes from it, like distrust, envy, greed, violence, abuse, manipulation, addiction, lies, disease, pain...

But it remains a mask and underneath it, there is a being that just wants to love and be loved.

Or is that inapplicable to you?

Which answer do you give yourself to that question? That, of course, you can decide for yourself.


Maybe you think it is impossible, because for such a long time, you have been acting out a different story.

But I am telling you: It is possible. It already is.
If you experience something else, it is because you have misunderstood the role you play in this game.

You have learned a text, that has been canceled, because it ruins the joyful play.

Your actual text is love. Each thought, each word, each deed, love.


How I know that?
I see it in you.

When I meet you on the street, on the train, at the counter, in the park, in the woods...

I see it radiating through you.
In everything you do, there is the wish to do well, to do it right.

For yourself, in your own unique understanding.

Even if you willfully act "ill".

Even if you actively hurt yourself and others.

I see your wish to do right.

In your own unique understanding.

The wish to be free and happy.

In everything.


I understand you when you explain yourself to me.

I see, that there is another way, which is easier...for all.

There is always a way that respects all and feels completely right and easy.

I know you are looking for it in the things you chose to do.

I know you can see it, when you turn inside and listen.

I know you will take it, once you choose to.

To be free.